About TGG

Founded in 2018, The Great Guide is an independent newspaper serving SMEs. The newspaper was founded to support businesses and the community in finding each other.

The Great Guide is a local South African, good news Local Newspaper. The intention is to positively support our local neighbourhoods and businesses by providing information – more specifically good news information and enlightening our neighbours about the jewels we have in our areas. By encouraging people to shop at our businesses, and take advantage of our entertainment offerings, we support our local economy and keep people employed.

We understand that marketing costs for our local and small businesses is a challenge, and cost-effective marketing for small business isn’t always a reality. That is why we are introducing a modular system of promotion that allows even a micro company to advertise with us.

If you would also like to have an online presence with us, we are offering a free business listing for a year (1 May 2020 – 1 May 2021) on The Great Guide website – all you have to do is like our Facebook page and subscribe to the website: www.thegreatguide.co.za

If you would like us to put together a marketing strategy or campaign to impress our communities, we promise you will love the rate! Especially if you jump on board using the promo code for the Jumpstart Business Recovery Program on 17th June. This code will only apply for a specific after the program: JBRP17J. Send the editor an email using this code and someone from our team will contact you.


You won’t be sorry.